Ornamental Cherry Shrimp


Ornamental Shrimp

Neocaridina advidi/ Neocaridinadenticulata sinensis

Cherry shrimp is a common name that belongs to the family Neocaridina. It has previously been classified as Neocaridina heteropoda and Neocaridina denticulata sinensis, however it is now known as Neocaridina davidi which is based on the oldest published description of this species.

Cherry shrimp is originally comes from Taiwan, with its natural coloration varied from blackish brown, blackish red and blackish blue. The story date back to Year 2002, the first Cherry Shrimp was bred into red color as for Ornamental purposes. Since technologies have been improving, researchers are capable to breed the shrimps by its color pigments. Now, Cherry Shrimp had been bred and cultivated into wide range of colors such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black.

For those who would like to have Ornamental Shrimps, it is good choice to start with Cherry Shrimps. They are easy to maintain and take care of. With one simple tank, a basic filtration system and a heart to appreciate them, you could definitely build up a unique tank of your own.


The classification and “quality” (grading) on adult shrimp of Cherry Shrimps are based on the color intensity and pattern of the body. Full-grown shrimp reach about 3centimetres (1.2 in) long. Over the years, with vast improved in genetic technologies, Cherry Shrimp can now be bred into many other colors.

Rearing Condition:

Rearing the Cherry Shrimps is not difficult, as long as paying more attention in its living environment. They are omnivores that may live 1–2 years

  1. They prefer clean water, pH 7-8 with TDS 200~240 and the best rearing temperature could be 22℃-28℃.
  2. Water plant: Such as moss and Eleocharis could be a good choice for shrimps to hide.
  3. Soil: Selecting black soil is a good choice as it could support the growth of water plants and the quality of water.
  4. Fodder: The choices of fodder could select those containing proteins. Best choices would be containing chitin such as squid powder. This fodder would not leave residue and hardly contaminate the water.

Moreover, the tank could have shelter for the shrimps to hide. Also avoid too many shrimps in one tank as the tank could easily be polluted or contaminated with diseases which lead to death.

As shrimps required high water quality, it would be best to avoid increased concentration of Nitrite (NO2) and Ammonia (NH3), thus changing 1/4 of water a week is recommended. In addition, maintaining a suggested water temperature would be good for the ovigerous shrimps.

This post is a basic introduction on Ornamental Cherry Shrimps. Having Ornamental fishes and shrimps can be a relaxing hobby. This hobby could also help to decorate the room.

Ornamental Cherry Shrimps have another purpose in the Chinese Geomantic Omen which is the Five Elements. It means that each color represents an element and also has its own meaning of Wealth, Life, Joy, Health and Happiness. For example, Snowball Shrimp represents the Metal Element; Green Velvet Shrimp and Green Jade Shrimp would represent Woods Element; Blue Velvet Shrimp, Black phantom represent the Water Element; Bloody Mary, Supreme Red Shrimps represent the Fire Element; Yellow Shrimp “Golden Back” and Chocolate Shrimps and those have yellow color represent the Earth Element.

The Geomantic Omen believes that when all Five Elements combined into one could give you better lucks and fortunes. In this belief that the Cherry Shrimps representing all these elements in a natural way and could bring good changes to life.

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