Ornamental Crystal Shrimp

Ornamental Crystal Shrimp

Crystal shrimp is very delicate and gorgeous species as well as sensitive at breeding environment. With variations of pattern, the shrimp’s exterior performance will come along with its market value at international aquatic status. To seek more unique crystal shrimp, there have various classes shrimp caught everyone’s eye on the market, especially international competition. Whether you are professional breeder or hobbyist, no one can deny crystal shrimp’s charming characteristic and exclusive pattern.

How we can know class?

As difference of demand market come from many countries, in brief, they in Europe say A-SSS class upon pattern performance; but in Japan, shrimp’s class are identified according to shell color and feature of each part of body.

Taikong Corp. identify class according to external pattern, this supply is to meet with international market’s demand.

A-S class: general red-white or black-white

SS class: Common name Hinomaru / No entry, means one spot or traffic sign on the top back.

SSS class: Common names Mosura, only red or black features on head or tail end.

In the recent year, Taiwan breeder innovate more amazing and exclusive speciment (They are called Taiwan Bee), Mischlings from different basic crystal red shrimp, crystal black shrimp, snow white/golden bee.


Black King Kong Shrimp: Black main body with white bar on the top back.

Blue Panda Shrimp: Black main body with deep blue gaps.

Blue Bolt Shrimp: Whole deep blue thick shell body.

Red Wine Shrimp: Whole deep red body.

Red Panda Shrimp: Red main body with white gaps.

Pinto Shrimp: zebra stripes, fish bone, or tiger types on the back, and with Galaxy 3-12 holes performs around head part.







Usually cherry shrimp we ship between 1.5-2.5cm, Taikong Corp. supply crystal shrimp 0.8-1.2cm and 1.3-1.7cm both size to meet with market’s demand.

Breeding Note:

1.  pH value: 6.0-7.5 (6.0-6.8 weak acid water better)

2.  Temperature: 18-27℃(23-25℃better)

3.  Soil: Make water clear and stable pH value. Be helpful for growth of aquatic plants as well.

4.  Aquatic plant: Forage or Hide for shrimp.

5.  Light: Be good for shrimp color stronger. Enhance photosynthesis for aquatic plant.

6.  Feed: Full with spirulina, shrimp, sea tangle, lecithin, enzyme, it makes growth promote and resistance build up.


How to set up crystal shrimp tank:

For a beginner like you, we will suggest you can have a 1 foot tank start, together with hang-on 10L power filter use, and put 2cm height soil basic gravel in the tank.

Finally, must insert water carefully to avoid messing up tank. How easy you set up aquarium tank.


Good water parameter is the key how to breed crystal shrimp well. While aquarium tank finished, you must make water filtering at least one week, which make water quality stable and clear, then you can put few shrimp in the tank check water condition suitable for shrimp living. In addition, you can use Azoo Bio-Bacteria product to faster water quality stable.

Water plant

Be helpful to make water purify. Whether cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp, we will use moss decorate, like mesh type, stone plate, draftwood, to enrich your tank background. How to choose plant type and quantity concern shrimp? It will be upon

For ornamental use, you can decorate any type plants to make aquarium tank more amazing; but for propagate use, you don’t need to have decoration to be easy to catch shrimp.

Shrimp quantity

In the beginning, just need 10-15 shrimp put into 1 foot tank. Once water condition good, that means tank environment suitable for shrimp living; Opposite, shrimp act out of control because of bad water condition, shrimp are not suitable for this tank environment.


Make water plant grows well. You can choose halogen lamp light, which design of imitation sunlight full spectrum included red, green, and blue light, that this way helps water plants make more Photosynthesis.Also be helpful to shrimp’s shell, suggestion lighting time 6-8 hours better.

Temperature controlling device

Best breeding temperature is 23-25℃for crystal shrimp. However, high temperature will result to shrimp take off shell more often, especially summer in Taiwan. To maintain water temperature, you should use temperature controlling device while winter and summer.


After shrimp into the tank, in the beginning, shrimp’s shell not yet performs table; once shrimp suitable to water quality and temperature, they will be with good performance gradually. Healthy shrimp always look for food; Sick shrimp won’t want to search food with weak shell color. You should check if the water condition have problem.


TiBee is well known for many years, which says crystal shrimp quality approval from Taiwan. Many distributor or aquarium retailer highlight TAIWAN BEE SHRIMP or TIBEE as target sale.

TAIKONG Crystal Shrimp Information:: http://www.tkfish.com.tw/zh-hant/product/term/4