TAIKONG ORNAMENTAL FISH team includes professional partner who are skllied in breeding, aquatic studies, international trade to devote to ornamental fish export service over 40 years experience. We aim to provide supreme quality, competitive offer and satisfied service for customer distributed to all over the world. Our specialized strengths include varieties species supply, professional nurse/package/quarantine, and quality management trhough whole process.



Taikong’s global ornamental fish center locates in the first National Agriculture Biotechnology Park in TAIWAN with rapidest export and healthy quarantine system. Moreover, we enjoy very nice climate environment that are suitable for tropical fish growthand possess abounded natural resources to supply the most varieties aquatics species to meet with customer’s demand. Besides, it just spends 40 minutes drive to Kaohsiung International Airport.

To supply varieties of species meet with plenty orders demand, externally we cooperate with hundreds of fish farms with long-term stable production capacity, internally we set up 512 tanks stock for freshwater fish, marine fish, ornamental shrimp, Taiwan exclusive species, aquatic plants and reptile.

To ship quality tropical fish, we regular maintain tank environment and do water quality examination to make species kept best care till shipment. We always believe the best quality we provide; the more customers obtains.Furthermore, we dedicated to bread the artificial propagated marine fish such as clownfish, jellyfish, and seahorse. In order to replace the widely wild caught fish by artificial propagation, also protect the ecological balance. 




GOOD NURSE and QUALITY CONTROL both are first important assurance we have.


On the basis of species differences, we do strict process included water quality and temperature adjustment, fish health observation and elimination diet inspection, this way to meet shipment standard. Through long- term transportation, tropical fish will be safe arrival, customer satisfaction and superior quality is our consistent main purpose.


Serious inspection condition is second important assurance. Supplemented with the Bureau of National Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine service system, long-term quality monitors and disease inspection, the inspection could always be thoroughly and conveniently implemented before the shipment.

Package knwoledge:

Based on the evaluation of diverse species features, flight schedule, local temperature and long-distance transportation, we digitize all the variables for the reference of temperature control  and package treatment. Taikong's target is all the customers will receive quality tropical fish, this is final important assurance we do. 


Strict on quality is the most important we can keep good reputation.

Workflow standardized is to provide customer with reliable quality and service.